Maine Seabird Ceramic Tiles

All our bird tiles measure 6 in. X 6 in. and are ¼ in. thick. The handpainted brushwork is applied directly onto the unfired glaze. In the kiln, the design melts into the glaze to form a permanent surface which cannot be scrubbed off. As durable as they are, we do not recommend them for areas of high foot traffic. Each tile varies a little from those pictured here.

Main photo


hand-painted tile Canada Geese
Canada geese
hand-painted tile comorant
hand-painted tile ducks
hand-painted tile egret
hand-painted tile gulls
hand-painted tile heron
hand-painted tile kingfisher
hand-painted tile puffin
Atlantic puffin
hand-painted tile terns
plain white compatible Daltile
Plain white Daltile #100

Click on thumbnails for larger views.
All bird tiles are available with or without circles.
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If you prefer to order by phone, call 877-211-2457 or 207-255-2716.

About Plain Tiles

The 6" plain white tiles are $1.50 each. You can order them by the piece when you order our painted tiles. They are a Daltile brand # 0100-white semi gloss 6" X 6 " size.
They are a good match for my white glaze, and can be mixed with my painted tiles for a lower cost installation. Large quantities are available from most local tile suppliers, which would save you even more money.

Click here for a printable pdf version of all our seabird tiles.

Visit our arrangement ideas page to see various ways to use our tiles.

Tile-topped table

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